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TMCG Productions were proud to be working alongside Peter Keelan during the production of the Local 'n' Vocal film.  This was part documentary, part film.

The documentary involved community members, some you had never sung before, rehearsing and performing a song whose words had been developed by the community and arranged by Rachel Hore a well known singer and choir leader. The film part was working with a local young actor to weave a story thread.

Special thanks to all those involved in the choir, those who willingly walked and sang on beaches, by the river and in the forest.

Techno-babble: It was definitely a run and gun situation with limited time for any set shots and no time when filming the rehearsals. The live performance was in front of a crowd outside the local supermarket during the Denmark Festival of Voice 2015.  The superslowmo 120 frames per second raw images looked beautiful, but took a lot of editing grunt. It was all filmed in 4k, edited in 4k and uploaded in 4k. The sound was recorded live and re-recorded at various locations and re-mixed in Perth. 

For me, the soul of the film came once I had the final sound mix and focused back on the choirs, reactions and emotions. Before that I was fighting with the sync, the sheer quantity of data, and not knowing how it would all come together.

Credits: Music - Rachel Hore Words - Denmark Community Denmark Arts Director - Vivienne Robertson Local 'n' Vocal Coordinator - Jennie Newman Producer / Camera - Peter Keelan Director / Camera / Editor - Tim Maisey Sound Remix - Peter Gandison Youth - Kael Tane The choir - themselves Background: The 2015 Denmark Festival of Voice featured Local 'n' Vocal, drawing people together from the region in communal song.