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Final Cut Pro X - 30 interviews 7 screens

Final Cut Pro X - 30 interviews 7 screens

I've been busy recently and so I thought I would share a project I am working on that uses Final Cut Pro X, VDMX and 7 projection areas.

I am working on a community project that requires the editing of 30 interviews each which took about an hour+ to film, using one, two or three cameras, with associated audio that are to be combined with live music, live dance, live performances (writing, poems, speech) and seven projections (one projector mapped to five separate areas, with one live moving area and one other fixed projector).

I am working with Peter Keelan and we are editing in FCP7 and Final Cut Pro X. We are producing separate movie files for each projector mapping (up to 7 for each scene) which are then live triggered/remapped using VDMX/Mad Mapper (new to this part so not sure if this is all technically correct). We have about 800GB of footage before starting to edit into the separate movie files.  The deadline for the rough cut is 3 weeks away!

A VDMX screen