www.phototrekker.com Sculpted through the Millennia, the American West beckons photographers to explore, to brave the wild, and to capture it. This is what photographer Keith Kiska has set out to do. A one-month photographic expedition, spanning more than 8,000 miles, witnessing some of the most iconic visual wonders of the west. “The heart of a photographer exists within these lands, they capture us, and we in turn capture them. Immortalizing them as creative works of the human spirit. “ Keith Kiska Credits: Cinematography by Keith Kiska Photography by Keith Kiska Editing & GFX by Keith Kiska Cinematography by Keith Kiska Script & Story by Nick Piche & Keith Kiska Voice Talent by D.C. Douglas Logo Design by Ian Pullens Special Thanks to Jennifer Kiska & Kyle Rhoderick Production Notes: Season 2 was shot almost 2 years ago in a single, month long cross-country trip. Needless to say, this was a once in a lifetime trip. I was going to see the some of the most amazing natural landscapes of the west for the first time, and be able to capture them. To a nature photographer, this is a big deal. I had 2 cameras and shot the Photos and Video at the same time, not easy, but really fun to do. My primary camera was a Canon 5d MII, which was used for the photos and video alike. The meticulous planning of the trip allowed me to not waste any time and capture almost every twilight opportunity and be in a new place almost every day. Almost immediately upon my return I was editing the photos to see what I had. The weather hadn't always cooperated but I felt confident that I had not missed a single opportunity. After almost a year hiatus, I returned to the video, slowly piecing together a story. I decided that instead of breaking up the footage into episodes like Season 1, that I would make a Feature, and change the style to a more emotional hitting documentary. I wanted to really express how magical it is to experience these places of wonder. We are all mystified by them, and as a photographer you have a unique bond, you see them in there best light, and whiteness those times where they could not be more beautiful. This was chance slow down the tempo of the video and examine our bond with these places. After the Editing of the visual elements, and a basic plot outline of the script I sent it to my writer, Nick Piche, who gave me a cohesive story, where the beauty of the writing complements the grandeur of the visuals. Next, we requested the amazing voice over talent of D.C. Douglas. This guy is a Pro! He brings the whole video to a new level with the power and emotion of his voice, just fantastic. We came away with something far exceeded our expectations and that we’re very excited about. We hope you enjoy it to, and after watching it get inspired yourself to get out there, and visit these amazing National Parks, and don’t forget your camera! Keith Kiska