Due to recent developments on Manus Island and on-going concerns for the treatment of refugees, the film has been released to raise awareness of the situation on Manus Island, which appears to be getting worse rather than better.

Dawn Barrington (musician) and Tim Maisey (filmmaker) went to Manus Island to play music and listen to stories from their friends on Manus Island. Their friends are refugees.

Dawn and Tim spent 5 days on Manus. Their friends have been there 5 years. Dawn and Tim travelled from the south coast of Western Australia after crowd funding the trip. They wanted to take footage of the experience and share with their local community. Tim had no experience of refugees or Manus Island and before going asked the basic questions about their situation. Dawn had been in contact with refugees on Manus though her music.

Dawn and Tim didn't know whether they would get a visa, get onto Manus Island, be arrested, have their equipment taken or stolen, or whether any refugees would even come and see them. They stayed mainly in their hotel room as they were not allowed into the camps and it was generally not safe to be outside especially at weekends. The film was captured as it happened depending on who visited on the day. They ventured outside only occasionally - they visited one of the camps to try and get in, talked to the guards, but were turned away. Some of their friends saw them and then they played music nearby in the shade of a local's stall.

Three weeks after returning from Manus Island, the project was featured on the front page of the local newspaper, together with the first public screening of the film which included live music from Dawn and a question and answer session.

Many thanks to our friends on Manus Island and Port Moresby who came to see use, welcomed us, shared with us and fed us. Many thanks for their personal stories and personal film. It takes courage.

Any money generated from this film will go towards supporting refugees on Manus Island and Port Moresby.