My Canon 5D Mark II is for sale on  

It has only 13k shutter actuations (see screen shot) and is in very good condition.  It comes with a 24-105mm L Series f4 zoom lens and 50mm f1.8 prime lens. Also has Loupe which clips on and flips up with 3x magnification - great for getting focus and bright sunlight. Also spare batteries, all original boxes, disks, and original user manual. The user manual for reference is also available here. Stored in hard case and used infrequently recently due to new camera purchase. Zoom lens has image stabilization so good for hand held, but also used with tripod, monopod, slider and Glidecam. Film wise records in High Definition (Blu ray quality) and photo wise takes 21mp raw and jpeg images on CF cards (CF Card reader included).

Happy to take extra photos/film of camera or outside and happy for local demonstration or pickup, but Australia wide delivery included.  If local pickup will include the hardcase that it has been stored in.

Films that have been shot (not by me) with a Canon 5D Mark II (and why I had to have one): 

The Last 3 Minutes

Devin Supertramp (yes that guy) on all his early clips (I even had a Glidecam and 16-24mm wide lens)

Some of the short film clips shot with this very camera: