Damien Hurst and architecture

Damien Hurst is a fantastic artist and I was fortunate to visit a few of his exhibits when living in London. This great combination of architecture in Newport Street to display his art works and other world renowned artists will be on my 'must visit' list next time I am in London.

Newport Street Gallery

RIBA Award

The Grid

The Grid

Currently studying Rem Koolhaas and the book Delirious New York - on the face of it a grid structure could be thought of as boring and repetitive, but of course no one would describe New York as either. Here is a great video of New York

During my research I found that Bjarke Ingels was an employee of Koolhaas and has recently completed the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London.


My son has just spent 12 months with two bits of plastic in his mouth (a plate) - this has taken a lot of grit and perseverance on his part. I am proud. I am not good at sticking at things, unless I am passionate about the thing I am doing.  Being good at anything, finishing things, grit - passion and perseverance. While I don't think he was passionate about having two bits of plastic in his mouth, he knew that it was important, and that he would go through with it.

Stick with those that have grit.

Check out this great podcast from Freakonomics

And here is the TED talk on Grit: The power of passion and perseverance.

Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards - I knew they had to be out there, but Casey Neistat introduced me to them. No, not in person, but on his videos from New York.

I've bought one from Queensland in Australia. It's electric, it's carbon fibre, and it can be converted to/from off/on road.  It's fun. 

Here is a very short little Father's (or is it Fathers' day?)  clip of some off road electric skateboarding.